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Work with Occupy Public Access TV To Nurture Local Public Access TV

Here is what you can help with:
  1. Contribute completed occupy related videos, shows & films for public access TV stations to broadcast to their local community
  2. Help facilitate broadcasting occupy related videos, shows & films on your local public access TV station
Occupy Public Access TV was founded by the creators of Occupy Brooklyn TV in 2012

What Occupy Public Access TV Is About
  • nurturing independently produced shows working cooperatively with others, sharing content, news, and practical experience.
  • volunteer citizen journalists affiliated with the Occupy movement, producing occupy related show for public access TV
  • mobilizing people to get Occupy news and culture broadcast on their local public access stations
  • creating shows that can be rebroadcast everywhere on public access TV

View the recent shows and past shows on YouTube
Google+Occupy PublicAccessTV – Watch the shows available for public access TV.

Samples On YouTube - available for public access TV Station broadcast
Occupy Brooklyn TV                                  YouTube:

World Wide March - Spokane & 400+ Cities YouTube:
The Grange Movement Part 1 - Portland      YouTube:
Boston                                                     YouTube:

Shows available for any Public Access TV station in the country – and world – to broadcast.
Public Access TV Stations Download shows in in TV broadcast ready format from
The full list of OPA-TV shows on PEGMedia (Occupy-Film):

Contribute You Shows For Public Access TV
Your Occupy related shows on YouTube can be converted for broadcast on Public Access TV by Occupy Public Access TV. Contact us to submit your shows. There is no charge for this service.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Join the activist team - getting more shows available for public access TV broadcast and or getting each and every local public access TV station broadcasting OccupyPublicAccessTV shows. Contact.

Facilitate Broadcasts

Help facilitate broadcasting occupy related videos, shows & films on your local public access TV station

Contribute A Show For Public Access TV Stations To Broadcast

The quickest way to submit an occupy related show for Public Access TV stations to broadcast is to put the show on YouTube and email the YouTube URL to Contact.

The show will then be converted to public access TV video and audio format and uploaded to PEGMedia for public access TV stations to broadcast.

Standard public access TV shows are either 28:00 of 58:00 max. Shows 28:00 or less get the most broadcast time. A few minutes less than the max time is ok. Any show less than 58:00 will be broadcast.

How to make shows available for broadcast:
It is better to have shows that are complete on YouTube with no further editing needed. Including a Title, Description and tags for the stations to use on their schedule. No copyrighted material is accepted by Public Access TV - especially music ... Please remove any copyrighted material from the YouTube video.

For public access TV it is better if the shows are 'Educational' and do not advocate for legislation or contain ads - these are not usually allowed on public access TV. (Each Public Access TV  station has specific requirements for what they will consider broadcasting. Stations usually have no issue with educational shows. Shows that follow these guidelines will be broadcast more often.)

Shows that stations feel nurture their community will get considerably more broadcast time. Public Access TV stations are mandated to provide shows that cover a wide and diverse audience.

OccupyPublicAccessTV is creating a resource of ready to broadcast films that any public access TV station can select to broadcast. The local groups facilitating their local station to have these films broadcast can also encourage local shows to be produced and broadcast also. Shows produced locally, that are useful for other places, can then be made available to OccupyPublicAccessTV for any other public access stations to broadcast.


Email To: Facilitate (at)